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Title:Annexation & zoning of ±3,200 acres of land in the annexation area generally located north of West Broadway and west of Reserve Street (Missoula International Airport, the Missoula Industrial Park, Canyon Creek Village subdivision and segments of West Broadway and Montana Rail Link rights-of-way)

Item #: Status:Held in Committee
Type:  #:Land Use & Planning
Version:3rd Sponsor:Mike Haynes, Development Services
Meeting Date:1/1/2050 Ward:Ward 2
Meeting Type:PAZ Referrals Held in Committee Video:No Video Available
 VersionItem #TypeStatusMeeting DateMeeting Type
 1st9/17/2018City Council
 2ndHeld in committee9/19/2018PAZ
 3rdHeld in Committee1/1/2050PAZ Referrals Held in Committee
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