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Title:Petition to vacate a portion of public right-of-way known as a portion of Beacon Street located at the north end of Scott St. and bounded on the north by Interstate 90 and on the west by Shakespeare Street legally described as all of Block 22, being 5 Acre Tract Numbered 22 of School Addition.

Item #: Status:Consent agenda
Type:  #:PW
Version:6th Sponsor:Jenny Baker
Meeting Date:7/11/2018 Ward:Ward 1
Meeting Type:PW Video: View Video
Attachments:STAFF REPORT--Portion of Beacon Vacation.pdf    RESOLUTION OF INTENTION--Portion of Beacon St.pdf    REVISED 7-18 APPLICATION - Beacon St ROW Vacation.pdf    Petition 9848 Beacon St ROW Vacation.pdf    AGENCY COMMENT--Vacate Portion of Beacon St..pdf    AGENCY COMMENT--Vacate Portion of Beacon St.-Parks.pdf    Exhibit A--Beacon Street Legal.pdf    Exhibit B--Conceptual Site Plan.pdf    Presentation--Beacon ROW Vacation.pdf    Agency 7-18 - EPehan - HsngCommDev.pdf    Agency 7-18 - NMiner - Parks.pdf    
 VersionItem #TypeStatusMeeting DateMeeting Type
 1st9/18/2017City Council
 2ndConsent agenda9/20/2017PW
 3rd9/25/2017City Council
 4th10/23/2017City Council
 5th7/2/2018City Council
 7th7/16/2018City Council
 8th7/23/2018City Council
Vote Records
passed    Motion To: Adopt a resolution of intention to close and vacate public right-of-way being a portion of Beacon Street lying north of Tract 22 of Supplemental Plat of School Addition, subject to two (2) conditions of approval and set a public hearing on July 23, 2018.
(Ward 2) Mirtha Becerra  Yes
(Ward 3) Gwen Jones  Yes
(Ward 1) Bryan von Lossberg  Yes
(Ward 5) Stacie M. Anderson  Yes
(Ward 5) Julie Armstrong  Yes
(Ward 4) John DiBari  Yes
(Ward 2) Jordan Hess  Yes
(Ward 1) Heidi West  Yes
(Ward 3) Heather Harp  Absent
(Ward 6) Julie Merritt  Yes
(Ward 4) Jesse L. Ramos  Yes