Item Information
Title:Ordinance prohibiting parking in bike lanes and transit stops

Item #: Status:Consent agenda
Type:  #:Public Works Committee
Version:2nd Sponsor:Jordan Hess
Meeting Date:10/4/2017 Ward:Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4, Ward 5, Ward 6
Meeting Type:PW Video: View Video
Attachments:Ordinance---Prohibit parking in bike lanes and transit stops    2017-09-05 Rec re Prohibiting Parking in Bicycle Lanes.pdf    
 VersionItem #TypeStatusMeeting DateMeeting Type
 1st9/25/2017City Council
 3rd10/16/2017City Council
 4th11/6/2017City Council
 5th11/20/2017City Council
Vote Records
passed    Motion To: Set a public hearing on November 6, 2017, on an ordinance of the Missoula City Council amending Missoula Municipal Code Title 10, Chapter 10.22 Section 10.22.070 titled “Parking prohibited in specified places” in order to prohibit parking in a bicycle lane or bicycle path designated for exclusive use of bicycles or within forty (40) feet of a transit stop.
(Ward 6) Marilyn Marler  Yes
(Ward 6) Michelle Cares  Yes
(Ward 3) Gwen Jones  Yes
(Ward 1) Bryan von Lossberg  Yes
(Ward 4) Jon Wilkins  Yes
(Ward 5) Julie Armstrong  Yes
(Ward 2) Jordan Hess  Yes
(Ward 4) John DiBari  Yes
(Ward 1) Heidi West  Yes