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Title:Petition to Vacate a Portion of River Street

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Type:  #:PW
Version:3rd Sponsor:Drew Larson
Meeting Date:6/26/2017 Ward:Ward 3
Meeting Type:City Council Video: View Video
Attachments:Resolution of Intent--Vacate Portion of River Street.pdf    Application--Portion of River Street Vacation.pdf    Petition 9838--Portion of River Street Vacation.pdf    JJs Used Cars Public Works 061417.pptx    
 VersionItem #TypeStatusMeeting DateMeeting Type
 1st6/12/2017City Council
 2ndConsent agenda6/14/2017PW
 3rd6/26/2017City Council
Vote Records
passed    Motion To: Adopt a resolution declaring it to be the intention of the City Council of the City of Missoula, Montana, to close and vacate public right-of-way being a portion of River Street lying east of Russell Street between Blocks 2 & 3 of Cook’s Addition, a recorded subdivision of Missoula County, Montana, located in the SW ¼ of Section 21, Township 13 North, Range 19 West, Principal Meridian, Montana; as described and shown in Exhibit A and set a public hearing on July 10, 2017.
(Ward 6) Marilyn Marler  Yes
(Ward 6) Michelle Cares  Yes
(Ward 3) Emily Bentley  Yes
(Ward 5) Annelise Hedahl  Yes
(Ward 3) Gwen Jones  Yes
(Ward 1) Bryan von Lossberg  Yes
(Ward 4) Jon Wilkins  Yes
(Ward 5) Julie Armstrong  Yes
(Ward 2) Jordan Hess  Yes
(Ward 4) John DiBari  Yes
(Ward 1) Heidi West  Yes
(Ward 2) Ruth Ann Swaney  Yes