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Title:Resolution setting fees for Title 12.18 – sidewalk cafes and 12.14 ROW occupancy and encroachments

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Type:  #:PW
Version:3rd Sponsor:Doug Harby
Meeting Date:4/27/2015 Ward:Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4, Ward 5, Ward 6
Meeting Type:City Council Video: View Video
Attachments:Exhibit C--Revised Engineering Fee Schedule.xlsx    Resolution--Establishing fees for Sidewalk Cafes.docx    
 VersionItem #TypeStatusMeeting DateMeeting Type
 1st4/13/2015City Council
 2ndConsent agenda4/22/2015PW
 3rd4/27/2015City Council
 4th5/4/2015City Council
Vote Records
passed    Motion To: Set a public hearing on May 4, 2015 on a resolution setting fees for Title 12.18 – Sidewalk Cafes and 12.14 Right of Way Occupancy and Encroachments.
(Ward 2) Adam Hertz  Absent
(Ward 6) Ed Childers  Yes
(Ward 6) Marilyn Marler  Yes
(Ward 1) Jason Wiener  Absent
(Ward 3) Alex Taft  Yes
(Ward 3) Emily Bentley  Yes
(Ward 5) Annelise Hedahl  Yes
(Ward 1) Bryan von Lossberg  Yes
(Ward 4) Jon Wilkins  Absent
(Ward 2) Jordan Hess  Yes
(Ward 5) Mike O'Herron  Yes
(Ward 4) Patrick Weasel Head  Yes