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Supporting Materials
Accessory Dwelling Unit Project--Review Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) proposed Ordinance language.
PDF Document  Draft Ordinance, Chapter 20.45.60 ADU 11-21-12.pdf
PDF Document  Ordinance--ADU Strohmaier proposed amendment.pdf
PDF Document  Referral Revise ADU provisions.pdf
PDF Document  20.60 Parking Amend.pdf
PDF Document  November28 PAZ ADU Prop Ordinance staff report
PDF Document  November14 PAZOutreachResults2012.ppt
PDF Document  Public Involvement Plan PAZ 20120912.pdf
PDF Document  Proposed Outreach Plan presentation PAZ 20120912.pptx
PDF Document  ADU Case Study.pdf
PDF Document  Chapter 20 45 060 ADU.pdf
PDF Document  Chapter 20 60 020 C Off Street Parking Schedule.pdf
PDF Document  State Accessory Dwelling Laws.pdf
PDF Document  ADUDiscussionTopics61312.pdf
PDF Document  Discussion topics PAZ Meeting 6/13/12
PDF Document  Public Comment 6/13/12
PDF Document  Allegra Public Comment
PDF Document  Notes from Staff at PAZ 6/13/12
PDF Document  McMillin Public Comment
PDF Document  ADU Presentation
PDF Document  ClarkComment.pdf
PDF Document  McMillin620Comment.pdf
PDF Document  Tom Zavitz PAZ061912notes.pdf
PDF Document  PublicComment Rustem Medora 071812 meeting.pdf
PDF Document  Powerpoint presentation 071812.pdf