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Supporting Materials
Background Checks on Gun Sales and Transfers
PDF Document  Referral-Background Checks_150911.docx
PDF Document  Ordinance--Background Checks draft dated 8-19-2016.docx
PDF Document  Ordinance--Background Check draft dated 10-27-2015.pdf
PDF Document  Ordinance--Proposed amendments to Background Check for Council consideration--draft dated 9-28-2015.pdf
PDF Document  Ordinance--Draft Background check ordinance approved by PSH committee 9-23-2015
PDF Document  Presentation - 20160907
PDF Document  Presentation---Missoula Background Checks Ordinance 2015 -- 9.23.15.pdf
PDF Document  2015-030 city attorneys opinion authority re firearms.pdf
PDF Document  ATF Letter--Jan 2013 re facilitation of private firearm transfers.pdf
PDF Document  ATF Procedure 2013-1 Recordkeeping and Background check procedures for facilitation of private party firearms transfers.pdf
PDF Document  2015-031 authority re firearms #2.pdf
PDF Document  Dean McCollum public comments.pdf
PDF Document  Hays Otoupalik public comments.pdf
PDF Document  Dennis Gordon public comments.pdf
PDF Document  Aricle titled How THey Got Their Guns provided by Dennis Gordon.pdf